..I have attempted to migrate the K5 binaries from 1.12.22 to 1.13 (both
builds were done on Centos 6.6/x86_64). While the KDC is working correctly
and I can authenticate, the "kadmind" daemon is failing to start. It is
simply hanging and eating 100% of CPU.

As well, when it is invoked, "kadmin.local" goes into the same 100% CPU
loop at the very start, with a message "Authenticating as principal
root/admin@.. with password" and does not return the prompt. [Whereas I
can manually authenticate with "kinit root/admin" without any problem].

If I roll back to 1.12.2, everything works again like a charm..

The binaries were built with the vanilla 1.13 source. All the conf and
db files were left untouched. Stracing does provide no clue. KDC log
contains no errors. Kadmind log is empty.

Had anyone observed anything similar migrating to 1.13?

Thanks ahead for any comment - Andrei.