Thanks, Greg, sorry for the mis-report!

On Fri, Jan 6, 2017 at 4:27 PM Greg Hudson via RT <> wrote:
In step three, the shell eats one of the backslash characters before
kinit sees it, so kinit parses the principal name
"anand\slash@DOMAIN".  "\s" is parsed as just "s" (since it is not one
of the special sequences "\n", "\t", "\b", or "\0" which map to
newline, tab, bell, and nul), so the result of parsing is the same as
just "anandslash@DOMAIN".

If you put single quotes around the principal name in the shell line
like this:

  kinit -k -t /tmp/slash.keytab -p 'anand\\slash@DOMAIN'

then it should work, or does in my tests just now.

(Incidentally, the -p flag requests proxiable tickets, which is not
common usage.  You don't need to specify any particular option just to
give a principal name on the command line.)