There should be function call for free(tinfo) at the end of the function main() in profread.c and gss-perf.c. Otherwise, there would be memory leaks. The patches for main() in profread.c and gss-perf.c are the same as below.

This is the similar issue as trunk@23559.

commit ebfd96a98ccb8f7df042cadbeefa00ee4761b9fa
Author: Ezra Peisach <epeisach@mit.edu>
Date:   Thu Dec 31 23:18:16 2009 +0000

    Free tinfo at end - so program runs with new memory leaks

    git-svn-id: svn://anonsvn.mit.edu/krb5/trunk@23559 dc483132-0cff-0310-8789-dd5450dbe970

diff --git a/src/tests/threads/init_ctx.c b/src/tests/threads/init_ctx.c
index 208104d..1629060 100644
--- a/src/tests/threads/init_ctx.c
+++ b/src/tests/threads/init_ctx.c
@@ -274,5 +274,6 @@ main (int argc, char *argv[])
             100 * total / wallclock / n_threads);
     printf ("Total CPU use per iteration per thread: %Lfms\n",
             1000 * total / n_threads / iter_count);
+    free(tinfo);
     return 0;