Hi Greg,

Many thanks for the reply so fast.
I've made changes as you recommended and compilation failed with other error.
Please take a look at attached screenshots.


2018-02-06 18:17 GMT+02:00 Greg Hudson via RT <rt-comment@krbdev.mit.edu>:
Hi.  It looks like we introduced a small bug into Leash last April
which caused this build failure.  (We only create a new Windows release
every few years, and our continuous integration for Windows doesn't
currently include the Leash build.)

You should be able to rectify this bug by editing
src/windows/leash/LeashView.h, searching for AddDisplayItem, and
changing the three "long" parameters (issued, valid_until, and
renew_until) to "time_t".  Let me know if that works.

Best Regards,