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I am not sure if there is other newsgroup I can posted the question, but I found this email from the config.log file, so I email you to see if I can find some help on my compile problem for the package on sun solaris 10.

We are trying to compile the MIT krb5-1.8.5, we untar the tar file following the instruction and following the ./configure and make step..

But everytime, I do a make, I got the following error output:

building static ss library
set -x; objlist=`set -x && perl -p -e 'BEGIN { $SIG{__WARN__} = sub {die @_} };
$e=$ARGV; $e =~ s/OBJS\...$//; s/^/ /; s/ $//; s/ / $e/g;' OBJS.ST` && false cq
libss.a $objlist
*** Error code 255
*** Error code 1
The following command caused the error:
case "`echo 'x'|sed -e 's/^x//' -e 's/ --.*$//'`" \
in *[ik]*) e="status=1" ;; *) e="exit 1";; esac; \
do_subdirs="support et ss profile send-pr" ; \
status=0; \
if test -n "$do_subdirs" && test -z ""; then \
for i in $do_subdirs ; do \
if test -d $i && test -r $i/Makefile ; then \
case $i in .);; *) \
target=`echo all-recurse|sed s/-recurse//`; \
echo "making $target in util/$i..."; \
if (cd $i ; make \
CURRENT_DIR=util/$i/ $target) then :; \
else eval $e; fi; \
;; \
esac; \
else \
echo "Skipping missing directory util/$i" ; \
fi; \
done; \
else :; \
exit $status

I have try to manually issue make on the util/ss directory and still have the same issue... This issue also happen on src/lib/apputils subdirectory. I am not sure how many subdirectory are getting this if I were to manually issue make on each subdirectory because I did not get to finish all of them yet.

What should I do to fix it?

I try different variant of the configure statement I used before the make (each time use a newly unpacked source file)
./configure CC='cc -m64'
./configure CC='cc' CFLAGS='-m64'

The make comes from:
# which make

I have even try setting PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH on /etc/profile with:
PATH = /opt/sunstudio12.1/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin

I am running out of idea.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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