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Tis was an error on my part.


The system variable KRB5CCNAME and the cache file C:\MITCache\krb5cache file had not been established.


When this is added all works as expected.


My apologies.


From: Rolph, Don
Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 9:32 AM
To: ''
Subject: Kerberos for Windows 4.1 and Windows 10 with Cloudera Hive ODBC driver and Hadoop 2.7.2/Hive 2.1.0


We are using Kerberos for Windows 4.1 64 bit on windows 10 with the Cloudera Hive ODBC driver 2.15.19 using Kerberos security.


This configuration works under Windows 7 Enterprise edition.


It does not appear, after several tests and comparison with Windows 7, to work under Windows 10.


All Systems are 64 bit systems.


Test of the ODBC driver works using the configuration test  option from the Control Panel for ODBC 64 bit drivers under Windows 10.


Use of the ODBC driver to connect to Hive form Excel 2016 fails under Windows 10.  System comes back with request to enter non-Kerberos user authentication.