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Subject: KfM needs to build krb5 clients and libraries separately
KfM needs the krb5 build system to be able to build the libraries and
clients in separate passes.

We build all our libraries static and then merge them into a framework.
Because we build krb5 libraries which depend on symbols in the rest of
KfM (such as the CredentialsCache library), these static libraries have
undefined symbols in them. As a result, clients can't link until the
framework is created.

We realize that linking some clients (such as kadmin) against the
framework may require exporting of private interfaces. We have been
told that private APIs can be exported from libraries as long as their
prototypes do not appear in the framework headers. We just need a way
to build the libraries, build the framework and then build the clients.
Looks to me like "make MY_SUBDIRS='util include lib'" might be enough,
at least for a start...
Does it need to be something constant and supported across releases?
Oh, that doesn't get the krb524 library. But we were talking about
integrating it, or at least parts of it, into the krb5 library; we could
just do that for 1.3 and not worry about it.