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Subject: Replace WinHelp with HtmlHelp within Leash
The old Leash WinHelp files are extremely out of date. So out of date
that in the KfW 2.5 release we chose to remove the menu items
referencing the help system. Unfortunately, no one has the tools to
rebuild the WinHelp binary from the source files.
Download (untitled) / with headers
text/plain 1.4KiB
the contents of the WinHelp sources have been ported to HTML and JPG for
use in the construction of a HtmlHelp (.CHM) file for Leash.

I have not yet checked in the changes however I have posted the
binaries. The latest kfw contains a build of Leash which utilizes the
HtmlHelp engine instead of the older WinHelp. The contents of the help
file still need to worked on especially the links between the various
topics. For the most part it is complete.

It should be noted that while Leash will still build with the MSVC 6.0
compiler, the help system will not entirely work properly. When using
the MSVS.NET or MSVS.NET2003 compilers the help system will function
completely. The primary problem with the MSVC 6.0 compiler and its MFC
environment is a lack of understanding of HtmlHelp. Therefore, pressing
the F1 key for context sensitive help does not produce the correct
behavior. It continues to attempt to access the WinHelp. I am not
going to try to fix this. From now on all binaries shipped by the
Kerberos team will be built with the MSVS.NET2003 tools.

For some unknown reason, although Microsoft includes the HtmlHelp
include and library files as part of the current Platform SDK, it does
not include the HtmlHelp compiler. The compiler is present only as part
of the Html Help Workshop download. This makes absolutely no sense to
me. However, it does add an additional tool which must be obtained by
those who wish to compile the source tree on their systems.
Checked into the pismere repository.