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Subject: Popup dialog displays version number of application not kfw
kfw 2.6 beta 2.

when popping up the authenticate dialog from within Eudora or SAP, the
KfW authenticate dialog displays the version number of the calling
application rather than of the KfW installation.
The resource data is being read from the current process which therefore
looks to the .EXE which called the dialog and not the DLL from which the
dialog was loaded.
The leash dialog was using the current process information as the source
of the module from which the version information should be read. This
would result in the current executable being used and not the
leashw32.dll. To work around this we must look through the process
table and search all loaded dlls until we find one with our name. Then
use its full path as the source of the module to load for the purposes
of extracting version information.