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Hi Marshall,

As I have been testing KfW 2.6 beta 2 with its new feature set such as
keeping tickets alive, I noticed one shortfall, but am hesitant to call
it a bug.

When I have tickets, move buildings (change IP subnet) and use Eudora my
k5 tickets work and are valid (addressless tickets good), but my k4
tickets are gone and do not automatically renew when I try to check
mail. I can go into Leash and do a manual renew, click on the button
and then things work.

Is this something that should be incorporated at this time? If the MIT
PO servers begin offering k5 tickets for IMAP, then I think this would
be a mute issue for MIT clients.

Subject: Need to refresh K4 tickets when IP address changes
Need to verify that the IP address change detection code triggers a
RENEW operation under all circumstances. Most importantly refreshing
the K4 tickets via krb524.
Changes have been applied to force a krb5 ticket renewal or importation
upon a IP address change as appropriate. Both of which should result in
updated krb4 tickets being requested.

These changes will appear in KfW 2.6 Beta 3. Please contact me
directly for access to a test build prior to the release of the Beta 3