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Subject: krbcc32s.exe : memory usage

I have been experiencing a problem for a while. The krbcc32s.exe
memory usage in the windows task manager increases when I use a kinit or
use leash to get tickets. But the memory usage does not decrease when I
issues a kdestroy or use leash to destroy the tickets.

I am using windows xp with kfw 2.5 . I found the same problem with
previous versions of kerberos also. I was wondering if there was any
memory leak or the krbcc is designed in this way.

Thank you for your help !!

Shivakeshav Santi

Programmer Analyst/Senior

Cornell Information Technologies
120 Maple Avenue
Cornell University
Tel :6072551916(O)

Ability may get you to the top, but only character
Please detail the seriousness of this memory leak to your usage model.
The code in question is more than five years old and is due for a total
re-write. However, this work will not be completed in time for the
upcoming KfW 2.6 release (including Kerberos 5 release 1.3.2).
I should also point out that KFW 2.6 is about to be released.
It is available as a beta release from the MIT Kerberos Web site

You might want to see if this release is causing you the same
shivakeshav santi wrote:

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> Hi,
> I am trying to authenticate the users who are trying to access my
web site. For each hit krbcc32s.exe increases by 4K.
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> Thanks,

You are not using krbcc32s.exe under the anticipated usage model. There
are known problems when using krbcc32s.exe as a service. Please detail
your exact configuration and I will attempt to take a look at it.
However, I can make no promises.

The types of details I need to know are:
* how krbcc32s.exe is being started
* under what account
* what account is the web server running under
* what account is the thread the request to krbcc32s.exe being made from?
* are the requests being made from the same account?
* are you executing calls to krbcc32s.exe within a global mutex region?
(The krb5_cc_xxxx api is not thread safe.)