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Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 11:10:55 -0500
To: kfw-bugs@MIT.EDU
From: Jonathan McIndoe Hunt <jmhunt@MIT.EDU>
Subject: KfW 2.6 beta 8 bug - expired tickets and GSSAPI apps do not prompt for new tickets
When tickets have expired and I launch a GSSAPI applications, such as
Oracle Calendar desktop client 9.0.4, I do not get prompted for
tickets. Launching a K4 application like Eudora does prompt for new tickets.

This typically will occur when the machine was asleep when the tickets
expire. Deleteing the tickets and trying the same GSSAPI application does
work to pop up the logon dialog.

I have seen this occur three times now on my XP Pro SP1 machine. I have
not tried with the release binaries. I will try that later today.

Original capture of problem.
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>This morning on awaking my laptop on campus, I tried to launch and sign-in
>to TechTime using the Oracle Calendar Desktop Client 9.0.4 (which uses
>GSSAPI). I kept getting an error saying my connection was
>disconnected. I checked Leash and noticed that my tickets were expired,
>but I was not being prompted. I launched Eudora and was prompted for K4

This problem has been fixed in KFW 2.6.1 Final to be released before the
end of this week.