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Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 16:48:20 -0400
From: Jeffrey Altman <>
To: Pierre Goyette <>
Subject: Re: FW: Possible bug with 2.6.4 client on Windows 2000
I tested on NT4. There was a bug in the Leash DLL related to an
unprotected call to an LSA function. The bug only existed in the
Leashw32.dll and not the actual kerb5 library.

The only function which had a problem was Leash_importable().

This will be fixed in the final KFW 2.6.5. We are not going to
release a new beta for this change. The bug has been present in KFW
since the release of 2.6. Since no one has mentioned it I must assume
that no one is using KFW with NT4 anymore.

Jeffrey Altman