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Subject: kdb5_util man page says dbname is required for the load command
The kdb5_util man page implies that the dbname is required for the load command. The
database name is optional and passed in with [-d dbname], not directly to the load command.

load [-old] [-b6] [-b7] [-ov] [-hash]
[-verbose] [-update] filename dbname [admin_dbname]
Loads a database dump from the named file into the named
database. Unless the -old or -b6 option is given, the format of
the dump file is detected automatically and handled as appropri-
ate. Unless the -update option is given, load creates a new
database containing only the principals in the dump file, over-
writing the contents of any previously existing database.

For example, this command works just fine:
% kdb5_util load krb5dump.bak
Passing documentation bug to Tom. I believe this bug was originally reported by a vendor.
Fixed by #8751.