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Subject: Portability fix for GNU/kFreeBSD
The attached patch is needed for portability to GNU/kFreeBSD systems
(FreeBSD kernel and glibc for the C library). It has been applied to
the Debian package and tested by the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD porters.
Download bsd-portability
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From: Russ Allbery <>
Subject: CVS Commit
Always include sys/ioctl.h in the telnet and telnetd code, even if
sys/filio.h is available. GNU/kFreeBSD has sys/filio.h but still
requires sys/ioctl.h, and sys/ioctl.h is included unconditionally
elsewhere in the code. Patch from Petr Salinger.

Commit By: rra

Revision: 18117
Changed Files:
U trunk/src/appl/telnet/telnet/externs.h
U trunk/src/appl/telnet/telnetd/defs.h