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Subject: support lazy launching of ccapi server
On the MacOS X platform the ccapi server will be implemented on a per
session basis. The server should not be started in response to a
cc_initialize() call. If the server is not present, the client should
respond with appropriate answers until such time as a cache is to be
created or the server has been started by someone else.

To support this the cci_perform_rpc() call should take a parameter that
indicates whether starting the server is permitted or not.
Fixed in new CCAPI implementation. OS support must implement

cc_int32 cci_os_ipc (
cc_int32 in_launch_server,
cci_stream_t in_request_stream,
cci_stream_t *out_reply_stream);

where in_launch_server determines whether or not the server is launched if not already running.