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Subject: review dejagnu test pass list
Currently our dejagnu tests make 13 passes with different lists of
enctypes and minor variations in other parameters. I don't think we
need to run all of the tests with all of those permutations.

If there are some tests we need to run with different combinations of
DES enctypes, perhaps we should have one or two passes with DES enctypes
and then a loop over (or inside) certain tests.

I doubt the telnet or ftp tests are all that interesting to run multiple
times in passes that differ only in whether the library uses UDP or TCP
to talk to the KDC.

It probably is a good idea to keep at least one pass that approximates
the Athena environment (clunky old KDC config that only allows DES, but
client and app server config files allowing more). And one that tests
the default (no enctype lists in config files).