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Subject: IRIX build fails w/ GCC 4.0 (really GNU ld)
Starting w/ GCC 4.0 - SGI's need to use the GNU version of LD. The
flags used for creation of shared libraries assume the system LD - and will
give a cryptic message about rpath.

The code in shlib.conf needs to be changed to detect the version of ld
being used.

gcc -print-prog-name=ld

will return the version of ld (either complete path or just ld) being used.
Then run --version and check for GNU.

I have some code written for all this - but needs testing for
all configurations. (native cc, gcc 3.4, gcc 4.x)
Subject: SVN Commit
For Irix - determine if using gcc and gnu ld - set compiler flags properly.

Commit By: epeisach

Revision: 18733
Changed Files:
U trunk/src/config/shlib.conf