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From: "Kevin Koch" <kpkoch@MIT.EDU>
To: <kfw-bugs@MIT.EDU>
Subject: How to deal with Aug 2006 KfW bugs?
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 14:28:21 -0500

Sam forwarded me some emails from August 2006 in which problems in kinit, kdestroy, Host Explorer and SAPgui 6.2 were reported.  There were questions about the exact environment and sequences needed to reproduce the bugs.


What is the right thing to do now about these bugs?  SAPgui is now at 6.4 and a migration to 7.0 is required by the end of this month.   I don’t think there is much value in reproducing this bug.  The Host Explorer bug sounds worth investigating.  kinit and kdestroy should work from the command line in all supported environments.  Their function should be verified.




Kevin Koch

If there were bugs reported in August 2006, they should have had tickets
open. If I was told about them at the time, they would have been
addressed in KFW 3.1.

At this point, the best thing to do would be to say what you believe the
bugs are so that it can be determined if they were addressed or not.

Jeffrey Altman
If there is no further information to be provided, please close this ticket.
Issues have been addressed.