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Subject: Build Script Fails to build KFW
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The most recent build scripts pulled onto the 1-6 branch does not build
KFW. It uses the specified config file for the checkout phase but then
after checkout uses the config file that was checked out. The end
result is that the wrong values are used.

The following was taken from the krb5 conference room log:

Checkout is done. This information output by the script is incorrect:

[07/04/18 23:50:16] Info -- Executing /config pass1-cfg.xml
[07/04/18 23:50:16] Info -- Option settings:
[07/04/18 23:50:16] CVSROOT
[07/04/18 23:50:16] KH_RELEASE OFFICIAL
[07/04/18 23:50:16] NODEBUG
[07/04/18 23:50:16] SVNURL
[07/04/18 23:50:16] noclean
[07/04/18 23:50:16] nocvstag
[07/04/18 23:50:16] nodebug
[07/04/18 23:50:16] nohelp
[07/04/18 23:50:16] logfile
[07/04/18 23:50:16] make
[07/04/18 23:50:16] out C:\KfW\public
[07/04/18 23:50:16] package
[07/04/18 23:50:16] repository skip
[07/04/18 23:50:16] nosign
[07/04/18 23:50:16] src C:\KfW
[07/04/18 23:50:16] nosvnbranch
[07/04/18 23:50:16] nosvntag
[07/04/18 23:50:16] nousername
[07/04/18 23:50:16] noverbose
[07/04/18 23:50:16] novverbose 23:52
the out is X:\test\dist\mit, src is x:\test\build, the svnbranch is
krb5-1-6, the username was specified, and verbose was specified. The log
file is also wrong. 23:53
Is the display wrong or is it not picking up options? 23:54

the display is wrong
at least from what I can verify its doing the right thing. I will know
more when it completes 23:55
actually, its not logging 23:56
the svn checkout has the correct url 23:57

Thursday, April 19, 2007
and that's because its Reading configuration from

instead of using the config file it was told to:

Executing /config pass1-cfg.xml
and then the build fails with

[07/04/19 00:12:22] Could not open
pismere/athena/include/kerberos.ver. at line 194. 0:12

in other words, Kevin's commit last night broke things 0:13

~jaltman/Public/KFW/bkw is the directory containing the scripts and the
command file. build_afs.cmd is the command file I am running and it
uses two config files pass1-cfg.xml and pass2-cfg.xml to specify the
build options. All options are in the config files. the only command
line options used are the ones necessary to specify which config files
to use.
This will be a great first use of kfwdev. As posted there:

This is exactly the design. The configuration used to build the
sources is part of the sources.

If were to use the command line config file for the build,
there wouldn’t be any point in ever trying to use the config in the
sources. The command line config file would prevail and we’d be back
to where we were two weeks ago.

It sounds like more control over config files is needed. What about
two modes? One is the current design and implementation – use the
command-line-specified config file to locate the sources and the
config in the sources to drive the build. Two is to always use the
command-line-specified config file.