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Subject: NIM GUI: Default identity display should not have a background color
NIM from either MIT KfW Beta 2 or from secure-

The default identity in the NIM GUI is highlighted in green. This is
confusing because in the NIM tray icon, green means you have

The default identity is already indicated with the text ‘(Default).’

The default-background color makes it hard to apply other background
color indications such as the red expired color.

The coloring for default should NOT be green, red etc.
The color schemes can certainly use some improvement.

Removing the background color from the default identity is ok.

Index: credwnd.c
--- credwnd.c (revision 19739)
+++ credwnd.c (working copy)
@@ -685,7 +689,7 @@
COLORREF bg_hdr_warn = RGB(235,235,134);
COLORREF bg_hdr_crit = RGB(235,184,134);
COLORREF bg_hdr_exp = RGB(235,134,134);
- COLORREF bg_hdr_def = RGB(184,235,134);
+ COLORREF bg_hdr_def = GetSysColor(COLOR_WINDOW);

tbl->cr_normal = GetSysColor(COLOR_WINDOWTEXT);
tbl->cr_s = GetSysColor(COLOR_WINDOWTEXT);
Subject: SVN Commit
The background color is changed to COLOR_WINDOW.
Commit By: kpkoch

Revision: 19768
Changed Files:
U trunk/src/windows/identity/ui/credwnd.c
Subject: SVN Commit
pull up r19768 from trunk

r19768@cathode-dark-space: kpkoch | 2007-08-09 09:22:59 -0400
Ticket: 5607
Tags: pullup
Target_Version: 1.6.3

The background color is changed to COLOR_WINDOW.

Commit By: tlyu

Revision: 19795
Changed Files:
_U branches/krb5-1-6/
U branches/krb5-1-6/src/windows/identity/ui/credwnd.c