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Subject: NIM Standard view selected color difficult to read
NIM from either MIT KfW Beta 2 or from secure-

Vista or XP.

In the Standard view, the “Expires in” and “Default” foreground color
changes to white when the identity is selected. It is difficult to
read. It would be easier to read if those items’ colors were also
black and bold, as is the identity name.

When the default identity is not selected, or when an identity’s
background color is orange to indicate imminent expiration, the light
gray foreground color in the “Expires in” and “Default” text is
difficult to read. It should be black.
While we agree that the default color scheme could use improvement. I
believe the issue here might be the selection of the default typeface,
height and weight. You might want to play around with alternate font
configurations on the Options->Appearance page.

When you make the second line text black, the display becomes to hard to
read because the text of each identity block flows continuously into the
next one.

There are certainly things that can be done to improve the visibility.
For example, using different background colors for alternating rows.
Mockups of the proposed changes should be made so that they can be
compared with alternative ideas.
Ticket 5676 implements a new identity header color schema.

Green - active creds
Yellow - first expiration warning
Orange - second expiration warning
Red - Expired
White - No creds

Darker shades are used to indicate selection with Grey being the
selection color when there are no creds.

All text is displayed in black or dark grey depending on the selection

The color schema is part of the UI schema (.csv). This permits users or
organizations to define their own color schemes. A UI control for
selecting color schemes can be added in a future release.