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Subject: NIM crash catalog
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This is the first of a few crashes I've seen today that I've been able
to capture. Maybe after accumulating enough stack dumps, it will be
possible to get some idea what's going on.

In this case, the NIM GUI was open and in a different part of the
screen, I was in a IE6 window.

msvcr71.dll!free(void * pBlock=0x7c39f150) Line 103 C
msvcr71.dll!__crtExitProcess(int status=27066128) Line 463 +
0x9 C
nidmgr32.dll!kcdb_buf_delete(tag_kcdb_buf * buf=0x0167fabc)
Line 52 + 0x3 C
nidmgr32.dll!kcdb_cred_check_and_delete(void *
vcred=0x0167fa98) Line 775 C
nidmgr32.dll!kcdb_cred_release(void * vcred=0x0167fa98) Line
741 + 0x6 C
nidmgr32.dll!kcdb_credset_flush(void * vcredset=0x015a59c0)
Line 458 + 0x6 C
afscred.dll!afs_list_tokens() Line 138 C
afscred.dll!afs_msg_cred(int msg_subtype=2, unsigned int
uparam=0, void * vparam=0x00000000) Line 828 C
afscred.dll!afs_plugin_cb(int msg_type=4, int msg_subtype=2,
unsigned int uparam=0, void * vparam=0x00000000) Line 117 + 0xe C
nidmgr32.dll!kmq_dispatch(unsigned long timeout=9222672) Line
536 C
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> nidmgr32.dll!kmmint_plugin_broker(void *
lpParameter=0x008ccbd8) Line 269 + 0x7 C
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 15:48:06 -0400
From: Jeffrey Altman <>
To: kfw-bugs@MIT.EDU
Subject: Re: [ #5620] NIM crash catalog
Are you building with the patches that were applied to the trunk more
than a month ago but not pulled up to 1.6?
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