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Subject: SVN Commit
Applying Apple patch:
SJ-4910231+5093293-authdata-plugin.patch (krb5 portion only; kfm portion in separate branch)

Commit By: austinj

Revision: 19834
Changed Files:
A users/austinj/authdata_plugin/src/include/krb5/authdata_plugin.h
U users/austinj/authdata_plugin/src/include/osconf.hin
U users/austinj/authdata_plugin/src/kdc/do_as_req.c
A users/austinj/authdata_plugin/src/kdc/kdc_authdata.c
U users/austinj/authdata_plugin/src/kdc/kdc_util.h
U users/austinj/authdata_plugin/src/kdc/main.c
Passing to Tom.

Patch is waiting on review.
Patch checked in, with some changes.
Log message accidentally attached to ticket 5565 instead. :-(
Gone from 79.0 drop from Apple.