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Subject: SVN Commit
I have a modified version of valgrind that will allow me to have
malloc fail in a controlled way. A number of memory leaks in error return
passes exist in the profile library. They are essentially inconsequental - but
my goal is to eventually create a test harness that tries to cover all code -
including error returns...

prof_parse.c: (profile_parse_file): Free node being created if
parse_line() fails.

prof_file.c (profile_open_file): free prf_data_t on malloc failure

prof_tree.c (profile_create_node): The magic element must be set
before calling profile_free_node for it to release memory.

Commit By: epeisach

Revision: 19981
Changed Files:
U trunk/src/util/profile/prof_file.c
U trunk/src/util/profile/prof_parse.c
U trunk/src/util/profile/prof_tree.c