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Subject: db creation creates a kadmin/hostname princ but doesn't fix case
The code trying to authenticate to kadmin/whatever_admin_host will force the hostname to
lowercase. But when we create such an entry at database creation time, it appears we use
whatever case the host (or DNS?) thinks it's name is supposed to be.

Ah, yes, in kadm5_create.c:
sprintf(service_name, "kadmin/%s", ai->ai_canonname);
The name needs to be forced to lowercase.

So, depending on the returned canonical name, this can probably cause an incompatibility with
SEAM where we thought we were compatible...
Subject: SVN Commit

Force hostname to lowercase before constructing kadmin principal name.
Allocate space for the name dynamically.
Commit By: raeburn

Revision: 20323
Changed Files:
U trunk/src/kadmin/dbutil/kadm5_create.c