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Subject: SVN Commit

Commit of Apple PKINIT patches under "APPLE_PKINIT" preprocessor symbol.

Long term goal is to merge these patches with the pkinit preauth plugin which
does not currently have support for Mac OS X crypto libraries or the exported
functions used by Back To My Mac.

Commit By: lxs

Revision: 20346
Changed Files:
U trunk/src/include/kdb.h
U trunk/src/include/krb5/krb5.hin
A trunk/src/include/pkinit_apple_utils.h
A trunk/src/include/pkinit_asn1.h
A trunk/src/include/pkinit_cert_store.h
A trunk/src/include/pkinit_client.h
A trunk/src/include/pkinit_cms.h
U trunk/src/kadmin/cli/kadmin.c
U trunk/src/kdc/do_as_req.c
U trunk/src/kdc/kdc_preauth.c
A trunk/src/kdc/pkinit_apple_server.c
A trunk/src/kdc/pkinit_server.h
U trunk/src/lib/krb5/krb/get_in_tkt.c
A trunk/src/lib/krb5/krb/pkinit_apple_asn1.c
A trunk/src/lib/krb5/krb/pkinit_apple_cert_store.c
A trunk/src/lib/krb5/krb/pkinit_apple_client.c
A trunk/src/lib/krb5/krb/pkinit_apple_cms.c
A trunk/src/lib/krb5/krb/pkinit_apple_utils.c
U trunk/src/lib/krb5/krb/preauth2.c
U trunk/src/lib/krb5/krb/str_conv.c
Assigned to tlyu for code review.
Subject: SVN Commit

Added Apple pkinit functions to Mac OS X export list.
Xcode project modifications for Apple pkinit support.

Commit By: lxs

Revision: 6409
Changed Files:
U trunk/KerberosFramework/Kerberos5/Projects/Kerberos5.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
U trunk/KerberosFramework/Kerberos5/Projects/krb5.pbexp
Subject: SVN Commit

Apple PKINIT LKDC support.

Commit By: lxs

Revision: 20476
Changed Files:
U trunk/src/include/pkinit_cert_store.h
U trunk/src/lib/krb5/krb/pkinit_apple_cert_store.c
U trunk/src/lib/krb5/krb/preauth2.c