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Subject: KFW: FEATURE: Update NSIS installer for VS2005 Redistributables
When built with VS2005, the installer must install the matching
redistributables. This is done using the provided redistributable
installer for release builds. For debug builds we must build our own
redistributable installer.

See what was implemented for OpenAFS.
Subject: Add VS 2005 and VS 2008 support for the NSIS installer

The Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 runtime libraries are provided as
redistributable merge modules and a redistributable EXE based installer.
The attached patch contains source code for installing these runtime
libraries as part of an NSIS based installation by packaging the merge
modules into an MSI that is invoked in the NSIS script.

Using an MSI and the redistributable merge modules instead of the EXE
based runtime installer gives us:

1) Runtime installation for debug builds.

2) Better cleanup when uninstalling the NSIS based installation. The
EXE based runtime installer does not uninstall the runtime.

Patch generated against the trunk in directory src/windows/installer/nsis.

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The attached patch modifies to invoke buildruntime.cmd to build
the runtime installer MSI for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. The
buildruntime.cmd script attempts to determine the current compiler using
the MSVCVer environment variable, which isn't a reliable way to detect
the version of the compiler that was used to build the rest of Kerberos
for Windows.

Ideally, the compiler version should be determined by the build system
and used to pull in the correct runtime libraries when building the

The patch is against the SVN trunk at /src/windows/build

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