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Subject: WINDOWS: %windir% no longer permitted for storage of appl config files
Since before Windows 2000, it has been against Windows Application
Development guidelines to store application specific configuration files
in the %windir% directory. The "Common Application Data" directory was
created in Windows 95 for the storage of application specific
per-machine configuration files. KFW continued to use the %windir%
directory for backwards compatibility with prior releases.

With the deployment of dual 32-bit / 64-bit systems, the %windir%
directory is now redirected for 32-bit processes. 64-bit and 32-bit
processes cannot open the same version of the file.

With the release of 2003 SP1 the %windir% is also locked down to prevent
access by most user accounts.

As a result, the krb5 profile should be moved by default to the "Common
Application Data" directory.
Proposed patch attached to ticket.

If a profile file can be found in the %windir% directory, use it.

Otherwise, default to the "Common Application Data" directory tree.

Please review.
Download rt6050-1.patch
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Revised patch. Uses SHGetFolderPath() to obtain the current Common
AppData directory instead of reading directly from the registry which is
Download rt6050-2.patch
application/octet-stream 3.6KiB

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