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Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 15:01:22 +0300
From: "Moshe Valenci" <>
Subject: bug reports: gss-server.exe not using WSAStartup()
I tried testing KFW gss-server.exe for quite a while with no success.
The app just exited with the message "creating socket: No error".
I gabbed the sources and tried debugging the issue and i think i found a
WSAStartup and WSACleanup are being called whenever GSS is called.
In the caller context, no one calls WSAStartup so 'create_socket' always
Adding WSAStartup() right after main() and WSACleanup() before exiting
resolved the issue.

can you please confirm this bug?
please check if this this happen for gss-client.exe as well, this looks like
a swift problem.

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