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Subject: SVN Commit

Use k5 thread functions. Also add destructors so if we ever have a way
to detect application exit that the pthread key is destroyed.

Commit By: lxs

Revision: 20705
Changed Files:
U trunk/src/ccapi/lib/ccapi_context.c
U trunk/src/ccapi/lib/ccapi_context_change_time.c
U trunk/src/ccapi/lib/ccapi_context_change_time.h
U trunk/src/ccapi/lib/ccapi_ipc.c
U trunk/src/ccapi/lib/ccapi_ipc.h
U trunk/src/ccapi/lib/ccapi_os_ipc.h
U trunk/src/ccapi/lib/mac/ccapi_os_ipc.c
U trunk/src/ccapi/lib/win/ccapi_os_ipc.cxx
U trunk/src/include/k5-thread.h