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Subject: KerberosAgent dialogs jump around the screen
As you progress through the various dialogs in the new KIM-aware KerberosAgent, they briefly
flash at the bottom-left corner of the display before appearing in the center of the window.

Also, window position should be remembered per client for the duration of their interaction
with KerberosAgent.
Subject: SVN Commit

Only close windows in response to fini messages from clients.
Only center the windows the first time they are shown for a client.
Improve the math on the NSRect sent to -[NSWindow setFrame:] so dialog windows don't jump around the screen and the title bar stays in the same place.
Refactor repeated view swapping code to -[AuthenticationController swapView:].
Commit By: jander

Revision: 20821
Changed Files:
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/AuthenticationController.h
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/AuthenticationController.m
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/IPCClient.m
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/SelectIdentityController.m
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/resources/English.lproj/Authentication.xib