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Subject: KerberosAgent use default
use defaults should work
Accidentally hit enter before I finish creating this.

The "Use Defaults" button in the ticket options sheets doesn't currently do anything.

Also, the "Use Defaults" button should appear in both the Select Identity and Enter Identity
ticket options views.
Subject: SVN Commit

Make it possible to make identities use default ticket options.

- Made KerberosAgent compatible with KIM's way of passing about NULL to mean "Use default options"
- Added "Use default ticket options" checkbox to both ticket options dialogs.
- Hid ticket options of select identity dialog by default, visible via the "Show Options" "Hide Options" toggle.
Commit By: jander

Revision: 20878
Changed Files:
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/AuthenticationController.h
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/AuthenticationController.m
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/Identities.m
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/KIMUtilities.h
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/KIMUtilities.m
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/SelectIdentityController.h
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/SelectIdentityController.m
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/resources/English.lproj/Authentication.xib
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/resources/English.lproj/SelectIdentity.strings
U trunk/src/kim/agent/mac/resources/English.lproj/SelectIdentity.xib