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Subject: kadmin utilites could support better command line editing
CC: Mark.Phalan@Sun.Com
libtecla provides a enhanced command history and editing function for
use by applications. This would be useful for kadmin since it has a
interactive mode through which users provide commands to kadmin.
libtecla would provide command tab-completion, line editing etc.

Attached is a patch which adds libtecla support to libss (used by

The patch currently doesn't change the build system. The code here is a
direct port from OpenSolaris where we use a static build system. My
auto* foo is weak...

Included in the patch is an update the the license the contributed code
is under.
Download tecla.patch
application/octet-stream 10.5KiB

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We didn't add libtecla support, but we added libedit/libreadline support
in #6931.