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From Fri Oct 23 15:35:16 1998
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Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 15:35:14 -0400
From: (Derrick J Brashear)
To: krb5-bugs@MIT.EDU
Subject: libtelnet/kerberos5.c uses internal includes
X-Send-Pr-Version: 3.99

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>Number: 647
>Category: krb5-appl
>Synopsis: libtelnet/kerberos5.c uses internal includes
>Confidential: no
>Severity: non-critical
>Priority: medium
>Responsible: krb5-unassigned
>State: open
>Class: change-request
>Submitter-Id: unknown
>Arrival-Date: Fri Oct 23 15:36:01 EDT 1998
>Originator: Derrick J Brashear
Carnegie Mellon University Computing Services
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>Release: krb5-current-19980727
System: SunOS 5.6 Generic_105181-06 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-1
Architecture: sun4

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libtelnet/kerberos5.c includes k5-int.h.
Given previous goals of being able to split out "canonical"
packages from krb5, this is not useful; I'd like to build
telnet with krb5 support outside the krb5 build tree.
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Presumably either k5-int.h should be installed (which doesn't seem
right) or the other files it includes should be installed and
telnet made to use them.
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Fix checked in by Sam 2002-04-12 on trunk, will be in 1.3 release.