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>Submitter-Id: net
>Originator: W. Michael Petullo
>Organization: The Oakbud Company
>Confidential: no
>Synopsis: Problem with krb5 libcom_err vs. system libcom_err
>Severity: serious
>Priority: low
>Category: krb5-build
>Class: sw-bug
>Release: 1.7
System: OpenWRT Linux-based cross-compile environment
Architecture: MIPS32

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I am building krb5 within OpenWRT, a Linux/GCC-based cross-compile
environment that targets embedded systems. I have found a problem in
krb5's build system with regard to libcom_err. In my build environment,
there exists both (in the krb5 tree) and
(installed in the build system library directory). I want to use krb5's In fact, is merely a side affect of
building another package and is not ever installed on the target device.

The makefile for krb5kdc is fine. It contains the following rule:


This means that the linker finds first (-L../lib before

However, the makefiles for the libraries (for example,
are broken:

MAKE_SHLIB_COMMAND=$(CC) -shared -fPIC -Wl,-h,$(LIBPREFIX)$(LIBBASE)$(SHLIBSEXT),--no-undefined $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ $$objlist $(SHLIB_EXPFLAGS) -Wl,--version-script binutils.versions && $(PERL) -w $(SRCTOP)/util/ $(SHLIB_EXPORT_FILE) $@

Here, $(LDFLAGS) is before $(SHLIB_EXPFLAGS). The result is the
-L/BUILD/SYSTEM/LIBS is before -L../../../lib and the libraries link
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Set LDCONFIG to point to a directory with libcom_err and build krb5.

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diff -u --recursive krb5-1.7-vanilla/src/config/shlib.conf krb5-1.7/src/config/shlib.conf
--- krb5-1.7-vanilla/src/config/shlib.conf 2008-12-08 17:33:07.000000000 -0500
+++ krb5-1.7/src/config/shlib.conf 2010-01-15 22:04:16.345151448 -0500
@@ -409,9 +409,9 @@
# Linux ld doesn't default to stuffing the SONAME field...
# Use objdump -x to examine the fields of the library
- LDCOMBINE='$(CC) -shared -fPIC -Wl,-h,$(LIBPREFIX)$(LIBBASE)$(SHLIBSEXT),--no-undefined $(LDFLAGS)'
+ LDCOMBINE='$(CC) -shared -fPIC -Wl,-h,$(LIBPREFIX)$(LIBBASE)$(SHLIBSEXT),--no-undefined'
- LDCOMBINE_TAIL='-Wl,--version-script binutils.versions && $(PERL) -w $(SRCTOP)/util/ $(SHLIB_EXPORT_FILE) $@'
+ LDCOMBINE_TAIL='-Wl,--version-script binutils.versions $(LDFLAGS) && $(PERL) -w $(SRCTOP)/util/ $(SHLIB_EXPORT_FILE) $@'
# For cases where we do have dependencies on other libraries
# built in this tree...
This problem was previousl reported (#6643) and was already fixed for 1.8.