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Subject: SVN Commit
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Previously, code needed to run a loop to find the current master key,
possibly fetch a new master key list and try finding the master key
again around each key decryption. This was not universally done;
there are cases where only the current master key was used. In
addition, the correct ideom for decrypting key data is too complicated
and is potentially unavailable to plugins that do not have access to
the master key. Instead, store the master key list in the dal_handle
whenever it is fetched and permit a NULL master key for

* Remove APIs for krb5_db_{get|set}_mkey_list
* krb5_db_fetch_mkey_list: memoize master key list in dal_handle
* krb5_db_free_mkey_list: don't free the memoized list; arrange for it to be freed later
* krb5_dbe_decrypt_key_data: Search for correct master key on NULL argument
* change call sites to take advantage
Commit By: hartmans
Revision: 24314
Changed Files:
U trunk/src/include/kdb.h
U trunk/src/kadmin/server/ovsec_kadmd.c
U trunk/src/kdc/do_as_req.c
U trunk/src/kdc/do_tgs_req.c
U trunk/src/kdc/kdc_preauth.c
U trunk/src/kdc/kdc_util.c
U trunk/src/kdc/main.c
U trunk/src/lib/kadm5/srv/svr_principal.c
U trunk/src/lib/kdb/kdb5.c
U trunk/src/lib/kdb/kdb5.h
U trunk/src/lib/kdb/keytab.c
U trunk/src/lib/kdb/libkdb5.exports
U trunk/src/tests/verify/kdb5_verify.c