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Subject: SVN Commit

Pull up r25584 from trunk

r25584 | ghudson | 2011-12-12 19:53:56 -0500 (Mon, 12 Dec 2011) | 9 lines

ticket: 7051
subject: krb5_server_decrypt_ticket_keytab wrongly succeeds

If krb5_server_decrypt_ticket_keytab doesn't find a key of the
appropriate enctype in an iterable keytab, it returns 0 (without
decrypting the ticket) due to a misplaced initialization of retval.
This bug causes kinit -k to claim "keytab entry valid" when it
shouldn't. Reported by
Commit By: tlyu
Revision: 25643
Changed Files:
U branches/krb5-1-8/src/lib/krb5/krb/srv_dec_tkt.c