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From: Mahesh Muraleedhara Pai03 <>
To: "" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 12:05:19 +0530
Subject: rsh failure on AIX server
CC: Shivaprasad Mandya <>, Mahesh Muraleedhara Pai03 <>
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This is Mahesh from Infosys, Bangalore.  I am currently faced with an issue with rsh from MIT.



I run the following command from DOS command prompt in my Windows XP desktop.

D:\TestCopy\GLKe>rsh -l ftadm idura ls



Ftadm -> user

Idura -> AIX server

I have my id appended to .rhosts file in ftadm user folder on idura.

I get no response to this command, control returns to the DOS prompt.



I run the fire command to a SunOS machine.

D:\TestCopy\GLKe>rsh -l ftadm drupad ls


Drupad -> SunOS machine


I get the response to the command.


So, rsh works on SunOS but fails on AIX. Please help me become successful in case 1. Any quick pointer at the moment will be highly appreciated.



Mahesh Pai       


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