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Subject: SVN Commit

Null pointer deref in kadmind [CVE-2012-1013]

The fix for #6626 could cause kadmind to dereference a null pointer if
a create-principal request contains no password but does contain the
KRB5_KDB_DISALLOW_ALL_TIX flag (e.g. "addprinc -randkey -allow_tix
name"). Only clients authorized to create principals can trigger the
bug. Fix the bug by testing for a null password in check_1_6_dummy.

CVSSv2 vector: AV:N/AC:M/Au:S/C:N/I:N/A:P/E:H/RL:O/RC:C

[ Minor style change and commit message]

(cherry picked from commit c5be6209311d4a8f10fda37d0d3f876c1b33b77b)
Author: Tom Yu <>
Commit: 0b11a472cf0e83972228ad9ca6ee645e4ffd4c24
Branch: krb5-1.8
src/lib/kadm5/srv/svr_principal.c | 2 +-
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)