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Subject: master_kdc is resolved sooner than necessary
When krb5_sendto_kdc gets a response, successful or not, it immediately
looks up the master_kdc value so it can set the value of *use_master. If
the response is a failure, the caller may use the returned value of
*use_master to avoid resending to the master KDC if we happened to pick
it the first time around.

But in some common cases, the returned value of *use_master is not used.
It would be more efficient if we looked up the master KDC only after
determining that the response is a failure that we want to fall back

Combined with #6782, this issue can cause a DNS lookup to be performed
for every request, even ones with successful replies, for a realm which
has krb5.conf configuration for "kdc" but not "master_kdc".