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Subject: git commit

Clarify realm and dbmodules configuration docs

In kdc_conf.rst, add examples showing how to configure a realm
parameter and a database parameter. Document that the default DB
configuration section is the realm name, and use that in the example.
Move the db_module_dir description to the end of the [dbmodules]
documentation since it is rarely used and could confuse a reader about
the usual structure of the section.

(cherry picked from commit 689d769c10c53bd4fa40e82421c89b96cc86cbae)
Author: Greg Hudson <>
Committer: Tom Yu <>
Commit: c097ea4e391abba07da560fdc58257b640a97625
Branch: krb5-1.11
doc/admin/conf_files/kdc_conf.rst | 57 ++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
1 files changed, 34 insertions(+), 23 deletions(-)