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Subject: Some ccache functions not exported
r20743 (which went into 1.7) added several ccache APIs without adding to
them either the Unix or Windows export lists:


krb5_cc_move has since been added to the export lists (by commit
ad5aa12f13aad7ec4cafcffeec4f2e84e56c9c78 which went in 1.11), but the
others have not. Although the other functions are probably unused (or
we would have received bug reports), they are documented and prototyped
in krb5.h, and we have learned of plans to possibly use
Subject: git commit
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Match ccache functions in krb5.h with export list

Commit 6e83d0bd31721ac86003530dd2450221dd05d0c2 (part of release 1.7)
added new ccache functions to krb5.h, but not to either export list.
Though commit ad5aa12f13aad7ec4cafcffeec4f2e84e56c9c78 exported
krb5_cc_move(), the rest remain unexported.

krb5_cc_lock(), krb5_cc_unlock(), krb5_cccol_lock(), and
krb5_cccol_unlock() are used internally, so remove them from krb5.h
and rename them to k5_cc_lock(), k5_cc_unlock(), k5_cccol_lock(), and
k5_cccol_unlock() respectively.

krb5_cccol_last_change_time() is not used, so remove it.

krb5_cc_last_change_time() is also not used, so remove it as well.
Update ccache interface to reflect removal. Of particular note, this
function didn't behave as documented for KCM or KEYRING ccaches at
time of removal.
Author: Robbie Harwood <>
Committer: Greg Hudson <>
Commit: 1f128e43056b470e19f1059fac6f5d725841d296
Branch: master
doc/appdev/h5l_mit_apidiff.rst | 5 +--
doc/appdev/refs/api/index.rst | 6 ---
src/include/krb5/krb5.hin | 85 -------------------------------------
src/lib/krb5/ccache/cc-int.h | 14 +++++-
src/lib/krb5/ccache/cc_dir.c | 10 ----
src/lib/krb5/ccache/cc_file.c | 25 -----------
src/lib/krb5/ccache/cc_kcm.c | 50 ++++++----------------
src/lib/krb5/ccache/cc_keyring.c | 41 ------------------
src/lib/krb5/ccache/cc_memory.c | 38 ----------------
src/lib/krb5/ccache/cc_mslsa.c | 1 -
src/lib/krb5/ccache/ccapi/stdcc.c | 25 -----------
src/lib/krb5/ccache/ccapi/stdcc.h | 4 --
src/lib/krb5/ccache/ccbase.c | 26 ++++++------
src/lib/krb5/ccache/cccursor.c | 35 ---------------
src/lib/krb5/ccache/ccfns.c | 15 ++-----
15 files changed, 43 insertions(+), 337 deletions(-)