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Subject: git commit

Remove mentions of krb5-send-pr

Start the process of deprecating krb5-send-pr. In practice, it causes
frustration for some users, and free-form email is good enough for
most bug reports.

Continue to install krb5-send-pr for now, but plan to remove it from
the tree in the future, probably replaced by a script that instructs
the user to send email manually.

(cherry picked from commit e972ce069dd45aad74e4f4853570ab27cfea05c2)
Author: Tom Yu <>
Commit: ce3ceacd52ac912869549e245a498c2c2c42668b
Branch: krb5-1.10
README | 12 ++++--------
src/plugins/kdb/db2/libdb2/README | 3 +--
2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)