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Subject: kadmin.local's ktadd -norandkey does not handle multiple kvnos in the KDB
The sequence:
addprinc -randkey -e des-cbc-md5:normal test
cpw -randkey -keepold -e aes256-cts-hmac-sha1-96:normal test
ktad -norandkey test

will produce a keytab containing both the DES key and the AES key, but both keys are marked as
kvno 2 (whereas the DES key should be kvno 1).

src/kadmin/cli/keytab.c's add_principal() (in the norandkey case) goes and gets the principal
keys, and then separately gets the principal from the DB, and then uses the kvno from the
get_principal output for all keys.

Reported by Peter Grandi ( on
Fixed as part of #8364.