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Subject: Typo in chpw.c release krb5-1.12.1
From: Lorraine Gray <>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 11:19:53 -0400
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I believe that the following is a typo and the upper case 'N' in Ngettext (see context below, around line 444) should be a lower case 'n' (i.e. ngettext as I corrected in the code)

    if (policy.min_length_password > 0) {

        // LGray Netezza/IBM corrected typo in next line which had uppercase N for ngettext call
        k5_buf_add_fmt(&buf, ngettext ("The password must contain at least %d "
                                      "The password must contain at least %d "
    if (policy.password_history) {
        k5_buf_add_fmt(&buf, ngettext("The password must be different from "
                                      "the previous password.",
                                      "The password must be different from "
                                      "the previous %d passwords.",

Lorraine Gray
Advisory SW Engineer
IBM Software Group, Information Management

Phone: 1-508-382-4133    Netezza, an IBM company
Fax: 1-508-382-8300  26 Forest St
E-Mail:  Marlborough, MA 01752

I don't see the string "Ngettext" (with a capital N) in chpw.c, or
anywhere in the contents of the krb5-1.12.1 tar file.