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Subject: git commit

Rename k5-queue.h macros

Some BSD-derived systems (e.g., FreeBSD and Mac OS X) inappropriately
include sys/queue.h from some non-kernel network-related headers that
we include (net/if.h is one example). Because our k5-queue.h is a
copy from a BSD sys/queue.h, many compilers will warn about macro
redefinitions on those systems. Rename the queue macros to have a K5_

Also delete the QUEUEDEBUG macros because they are only useful for
kernel use on the BSD systems where this header originated.
Author: Tom Yu <>
Commit: cab7f315ef45875910adea5da554a994cab2aafe
Branch: master
src/include/k5-queue.h | 351 ++++++++++++++++-------------------------------
src/kdc/replay.c | 26 ++--
src/lib/krad/attrset.c | 24 ++--
src/lib/krad/client.c | 12 +-
src/lib/krad/remote.c | 30 ++--
5 files changed, 166 insertions(+), 277 deletions(-)