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From: "Osipov, Michael (LDA IT PLM)" <>
Subject: Adding thread id to KRB5_TRACE format output
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2021 17:37:10 +0200

based on some debugging issues it would be really helpful to see after
[<pid>] also the [<tid>] in KRB5_TRACE output. As far as I can see it is
printed in krb5int_trace(). Unfortunately, there is no portable (POSIX)
way to retrieve to retrieve it. Luckily, I have extended some code in
Tomcat Native recently to cover this on several platforms [1]. Code for
even more BSDs can be found here [2].

I can easily test a PR on RHEL7, FreeBSD 12 and HP-UX 11.31