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Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2023 21:46:10 +0100
From: "Ilya Gladyshev" <>
Subject: segfault trying to free a garbage pointer
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I have recently encountered a segfault while using psql (PostgreSQL client, version 13) on macos. psql uses krb5-1.21.2 internally and as I started exploring the problem I obtained the following callstack that led to a segfault:

0 libkrb5.3.3.dylib 0x10471ec18 krb5_free_principal + 20

1 libkrb5.3.3.dylib 0x104701ad0 krb5_cccol_have_content + 188

2 libgssapi_krb5.2.2.dylib 0x104531894 acquire_cred_context + 1664

3 libgssapi_krb5.2.2.dylib 0x10453119c acquire_cred_from + 688

4 libgssapi_krb5.2.2.dylib 0x104523180 gss_add_cred_from + 624

So it seems to me that the problem is in krb5 library. I looked at the source code and the problem seems obvious to me, but I might be missing something here. I have attached a patch to fix it, and here’s my understanding of what’s going on there: inside the krb5_cccol_have_content the princ variable may stay uninitialized even after a call to krb5_cc_get_principal, so krb5_free_principal will try to free a garbage pointer or it might try to do a double free if princ was assigned and freed on a previous loop iteration. Setting princ to NULL at the beginning of each loop seems enough to me, because krb5_free_principal has checks for NULL.


P.S. you might want to update the url to access the repository on the website as github no longer supports git:// protocol links.

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Subject: git commit

Fix krb5_cccol_have_content() bad pointer free

krb5_cccol_have_content() calls krb5_cc_get_principal() within a loop,
and frees the resulting principal on success or failure. Set princ to
null before each call to ensure we don't free a dangling pointer.

[ rewrote commit message; moved assignment for greater
Author: Ilya Gladyshev <>
Committer: Greg Hudson <>
Commit: 635c8cca65b745476d07c1f5ff701445db25c10d
Branch: master
src/lib/krb5/ccache/cccursor.c | 1 +
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)